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Caves and underground areas


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Caves and underground areas Caves and underground areas.

  • basket Postal gallery

    Telephone: 584425397, 584425329
    Address: Zlaté Hory
  • basket Na Špičáku Caves
    Na Špičáku Caves. Subterranean areas of the cave were modeled by a meltwater of a continental glacier. Flat ceilings and unique heart – shape profile of passages were created that way. The cave is one of the oldest known caves in the Central Europe – the first written record comes from the second third of the 15th century. A number of scriptures and drawings on its walls...
    Telephone: 584423129, 602295562
    Address: Supíkovice
  • basket Landek park - mining museum
    Landek park - mining museum. Museum belong to the bigest mining museums in Europe. It be found in the area of former Mine Anselm, which was closed in 1974. Modern museum was opened to public in 1993. The buildings belonging to mine are cultural monument, realize the term of the industrial secession.
    Telephone: 602532414
    Address: Pod Landekem č. 64, Ostrava
  • basket Staříč - training adit
    Staříč - training adit. Underground "artificial mine" - a demonstration of a gallery, where normal mining workplaces in technological relation just like in a real mine are found along a 150 m long mine corridor.
    Telephone: 558493381
    Address: Staříč
  • basket (Botanická zahrada a arboretum Štramberk)
    (Botanická zahrada a arboretum Štramberk). The botanical gardens and arboretum are situated on the southern hillside of an old limestone quarry the Dolni Kamenarka. The main part of the exhibition is formed by calcicole and thermophilic plant species originating in the Stramberk region. There is a unique limestone wetland at the bottom. Visitors will surely also be fascinated by the old quarry...
    Telephone: 732170019
    Address: Štramberk
  • basket Na Pomezí Caves - national natural heritage area
    Na Pomezí Caves - national natural heritage area. Caves with rich and distinctive stalactite and stalagmite embellishment and large domes, parts of the small Jeseník Karst. Their development was a product of orogenetic processes, which broke solid limestone rock and caused water to get underground. The tunnels are about 630 meters long, with 410 meters accessible for public.
    Telephone: 584421284
    Address: Lipová Lázně
  • basket Šipka Caves - national natural heritage area
    Šipka Caves - national natural heritage area. A small cave of enormous significance, as far as archaeological findings are concerned. In 1880s, K. Mašek discovered a jowl fraction of a Neanderthal child (40,000 years old), Paleolithic stone tools, and bones of numerous animals, mainly cave bears.
    Address: Štramberk
  • basket Edel Sanatorium - speleotherapy
    Edel Sanatorium - speleotherapy. The operation of speleotherapy in this reconstructed former mine was launched in 1995. It is situated at 620 m above sea level and takes up approx. 1600 m of underground corridors with a maximum depth of 93 m below the Earth's surface. The year round temperature is 7–8ºC. The area was modified to accommodate children. They can use the small gym with...
    Telephone: 584425327, 584425328
    Address: Zlaté Hory
  • basket Tvarožné Díry Cave
    The longest known cave of the karst region of Králicky Sněžník. The first mention of it dates back to the end of the 17th century. The complex of narrow and low corridors in crystalline limestone is 250 metres long. An underground stream flows through which exits into the Morava River.
    Address: Staré Město
  • basket Matějovické caves
    Pseudo-karst cave in chalk sandstone. The underground corridors are 11 and 23 m long, 4 m high.
    Address: Rusín, Matějovice
  • basket Patzelt's Cave
    Discovered in 1864, it is formed by a corridor and small hall with a deep lake at the bottom. The total length of the cave is 70 m. It is significant for its varied formation of underground walls.
    Address: Staré Město
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