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Observation towers and sight-seeing locations


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Observation towers and sight-seeing locations Observation towers and sight-seeing locations.

  • basket National World War II Memorial
    National World War II Memorial. The World War II monument in the village Hrabyně is one of the six exposition sites of the Silesian Museum. It is located in the near vicinity of places where one of the toughest battles was fought at the end of the war within the present day Czech Republic.
    Telephone: 553775091
    Address: č.p. 192, Hrabyně
  • basket Velký Javorník - lookout tower
    Wooden, multi-level observation tower offering an attractive view of the peaks of the Beskyd Mountains.
  • basket Slezskoostravský castle
    Slezskoostravský castle. Revived memorial of the ancient history of the city of Ostrava. The founding of the castle by the Counts Piastovec has been dated to the second half of the 13th Century. In 1640, the castle was re-built into a Renaissance chateau. It was damaged during the Thirty Years War, during the fire in 1872, and in the 20th Century by undermining during the...
    Telephone: 596115967, 596111457
    Address: Hradní 1 , Slezská Ostrava
  • basket Štramberská Trúba - castle
    Štramberská Trúba - castle. In the 13th century, the castle was the property of the esoteric order of the Knights Templar. After the Order was terminated, the castle was held by Czech King Jan Lucembursky. Only parts of the walls and mainly the circular Trúba tower are all that have been preserved of the Gothic castle. The view from the tower is enhanced by the coloured glass...
    Telephone: 774668045
    Address: Kopec 77, Štramberk
  • basket Priessnitz Therapeutic Spa - Priessnitz
    Priessnitz Therapeutic Spa - Priessnitz.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass
    The main building of the sanatorium Priessnitz is the most important of the entire complex. It is built in modern historicism and inspired by Baroque palaces. The central tower offers exclusive views of the ridges of the whole Hrubý Jesenik. The sanatorium is one of the best houses to have ever originated in Jesenice.
    Telephone: 584491111
    Address: Priessnitzova 45, Jeseník
  • basket New town hall lookout tower
    New town hall lookout tower. Positively the best view of Ostrava and its wide surroundings, of the Beskids and even of Jeseníky is provided by the tower of New Town Hall in the centre of the town. It was finished in 1930 and rank among landmarks of Ostrava. You can take elevator to the observation gallery in the height of 73 meters (the entire tower is 86 meters high).
    Telephone: 599443096, 602712920
    Address: Prokešovo nám. 1803/8, Ostrava
  • basket Gírová - peak
    Gírová - peak. This is the highest point of Girová mountain, which is situated in 840 metres above the sea level. We can find here rock formation The Devil´s Mill, where were sheltered bandits according to the legend. Apart from Mill, you will find there also spring under Girová and mountain cottage Girova.
  • basket St. John the Baptist Church
    St. John the Baptist Church. Church with a Gothic core. It suffered fires serval times. Repairs began on the church tower in 1993. There are 3 steel bells in the tower, the largest one being Maria, whihc was originally in the tower of the Marian church. There are crypts below the church.
    Telephone: 603970829, 604163568
    Address: Frýdek-Místek
  • basket Starý Jičín - castle ruins
    Starý Jičín - castle ruins. The old castle from the beginning of the 13th century was later rebuilt into a Renaissance residence. When the owners built a new castle nearby the old place was abandoned and in the 19th century it became a ruin. The castle is currently being reconstructed.
    Telephone: 602320577
    Address: Starý Jičín
  • basket Lower region of Vítkovice
    Lower region of Vítkovice. Hlubina mine, coking and high ovens of the Vítkovice metalworks are significant technical building structures and facilities of the Vítkovice metalworks in the so-called mine region of Vítkovice. Considering its uniqueness, the entire premises were declared a National Heritage Site in 2002.
    Telephone: 702187688
    Address: Ruská 2993, Ostrava, Vítkovice
  • basket Bílov - lookout tower
    Bílov - lookout tower. Originally a wooden observation tower in the village, which was torn down. After 50 years, a new one was built on the transmitter of the nearby village. The reinforced concrete tower is 62.5 metres high. At the height of 26.25 m is an observation platform, with a staircase of 137 steps leading to it.
    Telephone: 556412113
    Address: Bílov
  • basket Hukvaldy - castle ruins
    Hukvaldy - castle ruins. A large fortified castle from the half of the 13th century withstood many attacks and sieges. It was abandoned in the 18th century and afterwards it burned down. Today the romantic ruin attracts many cultural events. In the game park under the castle you can see fallow deer and moufflons. The composer Leoš Janáček was born here.
    Telephone: 558699323, 731 660 808, 604 618 144
    Address: Hukvaldy
  • basket Tetřev observation tower
    Tetřev observation tower. The observation tower at a height of 944 m above sea level, was built in 1924. However, at the turn of the century it did not serve its original purpose, but instead was used as a stable for domestic animals. In 2011, it underwent total reconstruction and was opened to the public.
    Address: Dolní Lomná
  • basket Prašivá - chalet and lookout tower
    Prašivá - chalet and lookout tower. The classic wooden tourist lodge, which roof is crowned with a tiny lookout tower with sheltered gallery is located on Malá Prašivá (706 m) from 1921, when it was finished by the organization Pobeskydská jednota slezská from Frýdek with assistance of local people. Prašivá is a mountain "in the first line" of Beskid massif, providing an excellent view...
    Telephone: 604618400
    Address: Vyšní Lhoty 200
  • basket Hotel Křížový Peak
    Hotel Křížový Peak.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass

    Telephone: 584402063, 605885225
    Address: Za Pilou 6, Jeseník
  • basket Bezruč's viewing point - lookout tower
    Bezruč's viewing point - lookout tower. Wooden lookout tower standing on 4 stone pillars in the chateau park in Hradce na Moravicí. You can ascend the steps to the covered observation area (5 m above ground). The total height of the tower is 9 metres.
    Address: Hradec nad Moravicí
  • basket Bílá hora - lookout tower
    Bílá hora - lookout tower. In 2001, an unusual telecommunication tower was built on Bílá hora (White Mountain) between Štramberk and Kopřivnice. Its designer let himself to be inspired by the structure of DNA - in a similar way the staircase spirals a concrete column up to the gallery in the height of 26 meters (the tower is 43 meters high), which provides a magnificent vista...
    Telephone: 595179111
    Address: Kopřivnice
  • basket Biskupská kupa - stone lookout tower
    Biskupská kupa - stone lookout tower. The stone observation tower (890 m. above sea level) was first opened with great pomp in 1898. In the second half of the 20th century it was closed to common tourists, until 1996. The cylindrical tower is 18 m high and you can see the Zlaté Mountains, the Polish Lowlands, the horizon of the ridge Hrubé Jeseník and Rychlebský Mountains.
    Telephone: 588884606
    Address: Zlaté Hory
  • basket Čarták (Súkenická) - iron lookout tower
    Čarták (Súkenická) - iron lookout tower. Despite the fact that the lookout tower on Čarták was built in 1998 as a simple telecommunication station, it is beyond common facilities of such kind. For its structure not to mar the woods of the Beskids, nearly the entire 30 meters high tower is paneled with wood and extends into a sheltered observation gallery. As it stands in the borderland of...
    Telephone: 558437822
    Address: Horní Bečva
  • basket Čubův kopec - timber lookout tower
    Čubův kopec - timber lookout tower. A brand new wooden lookout tower, 16 m high, was built in the borderlands between Czech and Slovak countries over Francova Lhota in 1991, providing a view of ridges of Javorníky and White Carpathian Mountains, or nearby Vizovické vrchy, and in excellent weather even Súľovské skály and Malá Fatra.
    Telephone: 571458237
    Address: Francova Lhota
  • basket Cvilín - stone lookout tower
    Cvilín - stone lookout tower. Tourists of Moravian-Silesian Sudeten Mountains Society had the stone lookout tower built near the pilgrimage church on Cvilín in 1903 and named it after Count Liechtenstein, who financed the construction. The current twenty-five meters high tower is basically the same as in the time of its construction, but it lacks a bizarre five meters' side turret...
    Address: Krnov
  • basket Frenštát pod Radhoštěm - town hall
    Frenštát pod Radhoštěm - town hall. A two-storey Renaissance terrace building with a pillared arcade, and a tower decorated with the sandstone coat-of-arms of the city - St. Martin. The city hall interiors are ornate with impressive stucco work.
    Telephone: 556836916
    Address: nám. Míru 1, Frenštát pod Radhoštěm
  • basket Ema mound - peak
    Ema mound - peak. The conical pile was created by collecting debris from the Ostrava mine Trojice (The peak is at an altitude of 315 m above sea level). In the 1960s the inside ignited and still burns to the present.
    Address: Ostrava
  • basket Clock tower
    Clock tower. It never fulfilled the function of a medieval castle lookout. It was completed within the scope of the construction of the pseudo-Gothic premises of the Red Chateau. It is 35 m tall from the levl of the courtyard. A wind vane in the form of a rooster rotates on its conical tower. The outer diameter of the tower is 6 metres. 99 steps with two landings...
    Telephone: 602947904
    Address: Hradec nad Moravicí
  • basket Jakubčovice - wooden lookout tower Šance
    Jakubčovice - wooden lookout tower Šance. This new lookout tower opened in spring 2005. The wooden construction, built on concrete columns, stands at a height of 16 metres. When the weather is good, the view of the surrounding area is quite extensive – not only can Opavsko be seen from here, but also the ridges of the Jeseníky and Beskydy Mountains.
    Telephone: 553783934
    Address: Jakubčovice
  • basket Ježník - timber lookout tower
    Ježník - timber lookout tower. The contemporary timber (larch) lookout tower. Its platform in the height of 13 meters above ground provides a fine view of nearby Krnov and its surroundings on one side and the rising mountains of Hrubý Jeseník in the opposite direction. If the visibility conditions are good, the Beskids along with its highest peak se Lysá hora can be seen to the southeast...
    Address: Krnov
  • basket Kabátice - iron lookout tower
    Kabátice - iron lookout tower. The twenty-two metre high observation tower, steel structure completed by a wood roof and walkway, which provides a view of the village Chlebovice and the city Frýdek-Místek with the blue Olešna dam. You can see the city Havířov further on in the background. On the left, the less appealing side of the industrial zone Paskova and Ostrava open up. In...
    Address: Frýdek-Místek, Chlebovice
  • basket Stations of the Cross
    Stations of the Cross. The Way of the Cross from the Church of Our Lady of the Snows to the Cross hill, is lined with statues from the 18th century. It includes 14 stations.
    Address: Ruda u Rýmařova
  • basket Landek - timber lookout tower
    Landek - timber lookout tower. The five meters high wooden lookout tower is an attraction of Landek grounds. Its gallery provides a view of a part of Ostrava and the nearest peaks of the Beskids in the distance.
    Address: Ostrava
  • basket Lysá Mountain - peak
    Lysá Mountain - peak. The highest peak of the Moravia-Silesia Beskydy Mountains (1323 m), it is separated by the valley of the Ostravice, Řečice and Mohelnice River. A weather station and telecommunication is located here. Under fair weather conditions, you can get a beautiful view of the Beskydy Mountains, the Mala Fatra and sometimes even as far as the Western Tatra Mountains...
  • basket Okrouhlá - iron lookout tower
    Okrouhlá - iron lookout tower. The observation platform for visitors is located at a height of 30 metres above the ground. You can see as close as Frýdek-Místek and the Olešná dam, to as far as the agglomeration Ostrava and even more distant Havířov, the industrial centres of the region such as the mining towers of the nearby Staříč and Chlebovice shafts or the Nova Hut complex...
    Telephone: 734534000, 558660260, 605447149
    Address: Staříč
  • basket Monument to the victims of World War II
    Monument to the victims of World War II. Monument on the peak of Helštýn according to the design of Josef Místecky and Jaroslav Hlaváč.
    Address: Valašské Meziříčí
  • basket Pecný - peak
    Pecný - peak. Mountain (1334 m a.s.l.) in the Hruby Jesenik range, which has a distinct schist rock on its peak, providing a beautiful view of the Šumperk region.
    Address: Sobotín
  • basket Praděd - television transmission tower
    Praděd - television transmission tower. In 1980, a television transmitter (162 m high) was built on the peak, even a place for a glassed-in walkway was found at 70 meters, which offers an exquisite view. Praděd was already a challenge for observation tower builders earlier on - from 1912, the grandly conceived stone Habsburg tower stood on the peak, before it definitely collapsed in 1959...
    Telephone: 554779017, 608863373
    Address: Karlova Studánka
  • basket Cyrilka lookout tower
    Cyrilka lookout tower. View into the valley of the city Frenštát pod Radhoštěm Pálkovicka hůrka, Štramberska Trúba and Beskydý peak from Lysa Mountain.
    Address: Frenštát pod Radhoštěm
  • basket Hans Kudlich lookout tower
    Hans Kudlich lookout tower. The lookout on the hill Strážiště nad Úvalnem is a memorial to local native Hans Kudlich (a member of imperial assembly). The square stone tower, 30 meters high, recently underwent a restoration, financed from substantial part by former inhabitants of the Krnov region, living in Germany from the end of the Second World War. Peaks and foothills of Jeseníky...
    Telephone: 595176283
    Address: Úvalno
  • basket Borderland Peak observation tower
    Borderland Peak observation tower. Originally two telecommunication towers, between which a bridge was built (18 m long). The observation tower is found at a position of 541 m a.s.l., it is 25 m tall. 149 stairs lead to the viewing platform, which offers a beautifl view of the Jesenik Mountains.
    Telephone: 554637360
    Address: Město Albrechtice
  • basket (Rozhledna na Kozubové a kaple sv. Anny)
    (Rozhledna na Kozubové a kaple sv. Anny).
    Telephone: 731238091
    Address: Milíkov
  • basket Na Ztracenci observation tower
    Na Ztracenci observation tower. Wooden observation tower on the peak of the Ztracenec (1055 m above sea level) in the Javornik Mountains. There are information tables and rest areas here. If the weather is favourable, you can see Lysa Mountain, Radhošť, or even the peaks of the Mala Fatra.
    Address: Velké Karlovice
  • basket Velký Roudný lookout tower
    Velký Roudný lookout tower. Wood frame observation tower, 20 m high, covered observation platform on the top. VIew of the ridge of the Hrubé Jeseník, Nízký Jeseník, Opava region, Beskydy, and Krnov region.
    Address: Roudno
  • basket Soběšovice - lookout tower
    Soběšovice - lookout tower. The iron observation tower is covered with wood with a spiral staircase inside. The roofed walkway is located at a height of 13 m.
    Telephone: 558404550
    Address: Soběšovice
  • basket Staré Město pod Sněžníkem - town hall
    Staré Město pod Sněžníkem - town hall.
    The object participates in the discount system Jeseníky pass

    Telephone: 583239134
    Address: nám. Osvobození 166, Staré Město pod Sněžníkem
  • basket Strážnice u Liptaně - wooden lookout tower
    Strážnice u Liptaně - wooden lookout tower. Nine-metre high wooden lookout tower built in 2003. View extends to Osoblažsko, Polish lowlands, and, on the other side, the Hrubý Jeseník Mountains.
    Address: Liptaň
  • basket Guard tower
    Guard tower. Entry gate with a walkway and original historical winch on the 1st floor.
    Telephone: 602947904
    Address: Hradec nad Moravicí
  • basket Vartovna - iron lookout tower
    Vartovna - iron lookout tower. The observation tower lies at a height of 651 m above sea level. The building structure is 37 m tall and offers sa beautiful view of Vsetínské, Vizovické, Hostýnské peaks and Beskydy. If the weather is favourable, you can see all the way to the Tatra Mountains.
    Telephone: 571446090
    Address: Seninka
  • basket Velká Čantoryje - lookout tower
    Velká Čantoryje - lookout tower.
    The object participates in the discount system Těšínské Slezsko Region Card
    It is our easternmost observation tower. The structure has 5 floors reaching 29 m in height, the highest viewing platform is located at a height of 21.42 m. Ing. Vladimír Müller was the architect.
    Telephone: 558335313, 602713170
    Address: Nýdek
  • basket Tower Keep
    Tower Keep. Four-sided tower with a three-storey dome and a lantern opening with three bells. The keep was the former business centre of the city - there was a number of so-called business chambers below it, which served to store and sell goods.
    Telephone: 553756143
    Address: Horní náměstí 382/69, Opava
  • basket View of the landscape
    View of the landscape. Address:
  • basket Zlatý chlum - stone lookout tower
    Zlatý chlum - stone lookout tower. The stone tower with battlements (26 meters high) dates back to the late 19th century - it was built on Zlatý Chlum (875m) in 1899, through the effort of tourists from Moravian-Silesian Sudeten Mountains Society. Following the fire in 1955, it was left to decay and was saved only by the restoration in 1970s. Its gallery provides a beautiful vista of...
    Telephone: 603509943
    Address: Jeseník
  • basket Lost Rocks - viewing point
    Lost Rocks - viewing point. The peak of the rock (1250 m. a.s.l.) offers a beautiful view of the Hraběšice Highlands, the Šumperk Region and the Králický Sněžník.
    Address: Vernířovice
  • basket Devil's Rocks - natural heritage area
    Devil's Rocks - natural heritage area. A massive wall of sandstone blocks - creation of which was ascribed to devil - rises from a slope over the road near the village Lidečko. It is 150 meters long and 20 meters high and is a favourite place of climbers.
    Address: Lidečko
  • basket Devil's Rocks - peak
    There is a viewing platform on the peak (693 m. a.s.l.), which offers a beautiful view of the vallez of the Bělá stream and its surroundings.
    Address: Česká Ves
  • basket (Heegerova vyhlídka)
    Address: Zlaté Hory
  • basket Jurkovič observation tower
    Jurkovič observation tower. The observation tower was built according to the original architectural designs of Dušan Jurkovič, who designed it in 1896. The observation tower is 32 m tall. The tallest viewing platform is located at a height of 19 m.
    Telephone: 571652444
    Address: Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
  • basket Stone eye - rock formation
    Isolated rock formation, false rock gate. There is a view nearby of the ridges of the Jeseník and Jesenice region.
    Address: Bělá pod Pradědem
  • basket Church of St. Nicholas - church with observation tower

    Telephone: 732466176, 731694634
    Address: Bílovec
  • basket Forest for fun and learning - walking - relaxation educational grounds
    The grounds are equipped with numerous thematic children's playing elements - a cable pyramid, a pond with typical local flora, a wooden viewing platform, a walkway, a wooden gazebo etc. The grounds also include a short children's educational trail and geo-botanical exhibits containing local stones and flora.
    Telephone: 558357844
    Address: Žihla 900, Jablunkov
  • basket Mini observation tower in Jablunkov
    Address: Jablunkov
  • basket Rašek's Stone
    Rock viewing point.
    Address: Kopřivnice
  • basket Roland's stone
    Tall rock formation on the peak of which a wooden cross and observation tower were built, providing a beautiful view of the surroundings.
    Address: Karlova Studánka
  • basket Bražiska observation tower
    The wooden observation tower stands at an altitude of 476 m a.s.l. and is 14 m tall, it offers a beautiful view of Valašské Meziříčí, Jeseník and Beskydy.
    Address: Jarcová
  • basket Maruška Observation Tower
  • basket Miloň's Observation Tower
    The wooden tower on a stone plinth is 24 m tall. The viewing platform is found at 20 m. The observation tower offers a beautiful view of the ridge of the Vsacký Beskydy, Javorníky Mountains.
    Address: Velké Karlovice
  • basket Observation tower on Bezruč viewing point
    The wooden observation tower is 13 m tall. It is located on the site of the former Bezruč viewing point. The observation tower offers a beautiful view of Kopřívnice.
    Address: Kopřivnice
  • basket (Rozhledna Na Skalce)

    Telephone: 554644108
    Address: Holčovice
  • basket (Rozhledna Nová Ves)

    Telephone: 604712992
    Address: Dolní Moravice
  • basket Observation tower Pohoř - Olšová
    Address: Odry
  • basket Svinec
    Address: Starý Jičín
  • basket Three rocks - viewing point
    Three gneissic formations at the altitude of 925 m. a.s.l. offer a view of the Přemyslov saddle and the Black Hillside on the other side.
    Address: Jindřichov
  • basket View of Gírová Ski Resort
    View of Gírová Ski Resort. Address:
  • basket Praděd viewing point
    The only place in Vrbně pod Praděd from where you can see the highest mountain in Moravia - the Praděd.
    Address: Vrbno pod Pradědem
  • basket (Vyhlídková věž Hemberg)
  • basket (Vyhlídková věž na Zámecké hoře)
    Address: Ludvíkov
  • basket U Holáň Observation Tower

    Telephone: 776002222
    Address: č.p. 190, Pržno
  • basket Hončova hůrka - peak
    Address: Skotnice
  • basket Puntík - peak
    Address: Nový Jičín
  • basket Skalka - peak
    Skalka - peak. Address:
  • basket Vozka - peak
    Vozka - peak. Address:
  • basket Devil's Rocks View Point
  • basket Viewing point below the Cross
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