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Opavian Silesia - Houses, palaces, fortresses


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Houses, palaces, fortresses Houses, palaces, fortresses.

  • basket Historical Exhibition Building of Silesian Museum
    Historical Exhibition Building of Silesian Museum. The Silesian Museum is a gate to Silesia, with a scope extending from both animate and inanimate objects to prehistory, history and art history, primarily with regard to the history of Silesia, as well as north and northeast Moravia. The Silesian Museum is a contributory organisation of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. It is the oldest...
    Telephone: 553714809
    Address: Komenského 10, Opava
  • basket Blücher's Palace
    Blücher's Palace. The palace was named after the Prussian noble family the Bluchers of Wahlstadt. The Baroque palace was built on the site of three older noble homes in the 16th century. However, its present day look is from 1737.
    Telephone: 553622999
    Address: Masarykova třída 35, Opava
  • basket Brick barn with an enclosure wall
    Brick barn with an enclosure wall. Listed barn building with enclosing walls from the 19th century.
    Address: Kozmice
  • basket Sobek's Palace
    Sobek's Palace. The Baroque palace presents a terraced house with a shallow protruding front, two-storey buttress in the building's axis, ended with a triangular gable. The building is covered by a mansard roof. The palace is an example of a feudal residence.
    Address: Masarykova třída 337/28, Opava
  • basket Tower Keep
    Tower Keep. Four-sided tower with a three-storey dome and a lantern opening with three bells. The keep was the former business centre of the city - there was a number of so-called business chambers below it, which served to store and sell goods.
    Telephone: 553756143
    Address: Horní náměstí 382/69, Opava
  • basket Grounds of a historical estate
    The farmstead complex is an example of folk architecture.
    Address: Rohov
  • basket Mladecko - half-timbered building structures
    Address: č.p. 44, Mladecko
  • basket Old fire brigade
    Address: Hlučínská, Kobeřice
  • basket Štěpánkovice - grange
    Address: Štěpánkovice
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