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Opavian Silesia - Technical monuments and planetariums


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Technical monuments and planetariums Technical monuments and planetariums.

  • basket Budišov nad Budišovkou - stone bridge
    Budišov nad Budišovkou - stone bridge. Bridge with a Baroque statue of Jan Nepomucky, it has two arches with a full brick railing.
    Address: Budišov nad Budišovkou
  • basket Hlavnice - windmill
    Hlavnice - windmill. The wooden windmill west of the village, near a crossroads was built probably in 1810, and last used to mill in 1952. In 1974 the almost fallen building was restored, using old parts, and supported by concrete abutments (preventing its rotation). Milling machinery was not renewed.
    Address: Hlavnice
  • basket Litultovice-Choltice - windmill
    Litultovice-Choltice - windmill. The wooden windmill north of the village, in Choltice, by green-marked tourist trail was built in 1833 in Sádek, and moved to its current location in 1878. It was used for milling for the last time during the World war Two, for rough-grinding until 1954. In 1969, it was fully restored and an exposition of hatchet and farm tools established. Following...
    Telephone: 776285040, 728489860
    Address: Litultovice
  • basket Weisshun Canal - canal
    Weisshun Canal - canal. A paper mill built over the years 1889 to 1891 as a water conduit from the Moravice River to the Žimrovice paper mill, the builder of which was renowned businessman Carl Weisshuhn. The canal is 3,6 km long and uses a gradient of 23 meters. It goes through a rocky hillside; therefore, tunnels had to be constructed in three places.
    Address: Hradec nad Moravicí, Žimrovice
  • basket Čujk's Mill
    A discreet building built from brick. Today the mill is no longer in use but remains almost unchanged. As a reminder of its glory days, an old mil wheel can be seen on the lawn in front of the mill. A water moat is visible behind the building, through which residual water drained away.
    Address: Kobeřice
  • basket Fire brigade drying house
    Fire brigade drying house. Three-storey tower topped off with a saddle roof.
    Address: Hlučín
  • basket Hlučín - water works
    The water works is a unique building structure combining building design (reinforced concrete) with a traditional roof design (mansard).
    Address: Hlučín
  • basket Koleček's Mill
    Originally a mill built in 1845 that belonged to the Koleček family. In 1928, descendants built a roller mill with a Francis turbine. In 1953, the mill was nationalised, In 1991, the mill was returned to the Koleček family. Since 1997, a small hydro power plant has been operating in the mill and the mil serves as a factory for compound feeding stuff...
    Address: Por. Hoši, Kozmice
  • basket (Raabův mlýn)

    Telephone: 733125297
    Address: Hlavnice
  • basket Mysterios rock "Bunt Cake"
    Jiří Sonnek came with an idea as to what this stone was for. After assessing the stone in detail, he discovered that the stone served as a base for a revolving gate. He sketched a drawing and supported his claim with logical arguments. A model of the gate is available for testing in the Museum of the Hlučín Region.
    Address: Pode Zdí, Hlučín
  • basket Park sundial
    Address: Píšť
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