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Trip planner - instructions

Put together and plan your own trip to North Moravia and Silesia region!

With the help of our Trip Planner you can put together your own list of places and events that you plan to visit, and services that you plan to use during your trip. If you have already experienced a great trip in North Moravia and Silesia region, the Trip Planner can also be used retrospectively, i.e. organise a trip, complete it with photographs you took and make it available to other visitors to the portal.

Using the planner is quick and simple. For all items on the portal, whether it is a tourist destination, service or event, all you have to do is click on the icon Ikonka pro plánovač výletů and thus the given item is added to your Trip Planner to the last day. The order of items on the lists can be changed and shifted as you please. Just use the drag&drop function ("táhni a pusť) – click on the icon Ikonka pro přemisťování objektů v rámci Plánovače výletů. and by holding the button down on the mouse and moving it you transfer the item into a different order, into the list of spare items or any of your other trips. The picture below shows how to move items.

You also have the option to delete items in the Trip Planner by clicking on the icon Ikonka pro smazání objektu či dne v Plánovači výletů. (the same icon as used for deleting the entire day) and using the icon Ikonka pro vložení poznámky. you can add your own comments to the items (e.g. opening hours, reservation requirements etc.). Comments are deleted from the item when you deleted all of the text contents for the given item. Comments can be added also between items – the independent rectangular field is intended for that Ikonka pro vložení poznámky. Přidat poznámku. This comment can also be moved as you wish, just as with items within the scope of trips.

The items selected in your trip can also be added without registration, nevertheless, we highly recommend registering, in order to be certain that your organised trip or trips are saved. Thanks to registering you can also set the option to receive newsletters from the portal.

Naturally, using the Trip Planner you can create any number of trips. By clicking the button Overview you can display the trip as a separate presentation, where you can:

  • print the trip out (we recommend marking the items on the map and list in numbers)
  • display the events taking place in the surroundings of the selected items according to the required season
  • recommend a trip to a friend
  • display a trip for individual days on the map, including hiking trails and cycling trails

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